Social Science and Management College Microfilm Filming for "Society Film Development"

  • 2013-05-20
  • Digital Ruling

In order to create a sense of unity and identity between teachers and students in their institutes and departments, and to enhance the enthusiasm of participating in the activities to enrich the campus life, the design of micro-movie selection, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Management of Foguang University From various angles and orientations, this film will give you a better understanding and understanding of the Academy of Social Sciences.
1. How to participate: All the teachers and students of the school can submit their works for review.
2. Application method: Download the “Society Film Festival” registration form from our website.
3. Date of submission: June 5, 2003 (3) before noon.
4. Selection of works: A total of 7 teachers and experts from the hospital are invited to serve as the selection committee, and the top three are selected in an open manner. Grading criteria: 30% of creativity, 40% of presentations and features, 20% of design concepts, and 10% of others.
5. Announcement of the results of the selection: June 21, 102 (5).
6. Incentive method: It is recommended that the top three award certificates and provide bonuses (first place 5,000 yuan, second place 3,000 yuan, third place 2,000 yuan).
7. All works of this event will be publicly displayed.
8. If the delivered work is a published work, a counterfeit or plagiarized work of another person, or an unidentified copyright, the candidate shall be subject to relevant legal responsibilities except for immediately disqualifying the candidate.
9. The property rights of the winning works should be assigned to the School of Social Sciences and Management of Foguang University.