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Purpose of establishment

   The School of Social Sciences and Management of Foguang University aims to promote the teaching and research of social sciences and management science, and to cultivate social and management science professionals with profound and broad discernment ability, so as to meet the needs of moving forward to a democratic society. In general, since social science is closely related to many aspects of human life, it is necessary to establish a social science college at the university to train young people who are highly cared for in the national society, and hope to be able to use their expertise after learning. Contribute to the national society.

Foguang College of Humanities and Social Sciences was reorganized into Foguang University in August 2006. One year later, the four colleges of the School of Social Sciences and Management, the School of Humanities, the School of Creativity and Technology, and the Buddhist College were officially listed. The College is located in Dexiang House, a new building that is located behind the library and connected to it.
There are more than 40 full-time teachers in our school. Most of them are young teachers with doctoral degrees. They are all graduated from famous universities such as Taiwan, the United States and Europe. The school was originally composed of six departments. Since the “School of the Future and Lohas Industry” was incorporated into the “Lokei Industry Institute” in the 102 academic year, it currently includes:
1. Department of Applied Economics
2. Department of Sociology
3. Department of Public Affairs
4. Department of Management
Department of Psychology
All departments offer courses in bachelor and master classes.

The courses of the bachelor's classes in various faculties of the school not only emphasize professionalism, but also attach importance to general education. The design of professional courses will be reviewed regularly to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education. What is more important is to adjust the direction of the department to provide students with the most advanced professional knowledge and become the top professionals. General education focuses on developing students' horizons and caring for society. General education consists of five major areas: basic ability training, humanities and art, social sciences, natural and scientific science, and the world's major civilizations and cultural and chemical gates. The College requires all college students to take four other subjects besides social sciences to cultivate their profound knowledge and possess the personality traits of caring for society.

Foguang University's elegant forest university, the spirit of the earth, and the School of Social Sciences and Management are proud of having excellent teachers. Full-time teachers not only have excellent academic achievements, but also have the personality traits that excellent teachers need, especially with a high degree of educational enthusiasm. In addition, small class teaching provides an excellent environment for teachers, students to teach, study and research. Looking forward to the future, the Institute will continue to offer well-known scholars at home and abroad to teach at the school, provide scholarships to attract excellent students to attend school, enrich teaching and research equipment, enhance internationalization, and conduct academic exchanges with well-known higher education institutions at home and abroad.