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Department of Applied Economics
Combining production and government experts, promoting economic interdisciplinary integration, developing a new vision of economics theory compatible with China and the West, developing multifaceted issues of interdisciplinary integration of contemporary research, and developing a new bureau combining economics with local social resources.

Department of Sociology
Master the historical causal process of social change; clarify the deep theoretical implications of social phenomena; understand the interpersonal interactions of social structures; and explore possible future trends in social development.

Department of Public Affairs
Cultivate first-class public affairs management talents, and guide citizens to actively participate in the planning and management activities of public affairs, in order to strengthen the ability to engage in the development of the country, society and local communities; at the same time, to cultivate talents with broad vision and enrich the students' humanities society Literacy, making it a social leader of all-round personality.

Department of Management
Focusing on the management theory and practice of core value activities, the main mission is to cultivate excellent and professional job management and marketing management talents, and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate core value activities.

Department of Psychology
(1) to satisfy the eternal curiosity of human beings for their own minds; (2) to help humans find their position in the universe and time, thus to understand the meaning of life; (3) the solution of social problems and the improvement of social life (4) Establishing the interface between technology and people, and making the humanization of technology possible.